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Wacaster, Linda
Wachtel, Elmer
Wade, Amanda
Wade, Laurel
Wade, Olivia
Wade, Vicki
Wade, Vickie
Wadlington, Sandy
Wagner, Jennifer
Wagner-Harms, Hildegard
Waiksnis, Ronda
Wain, Louis
Wainwright, John
Wainwright, William John
Wakefield, Martha
Walbourn, Ernest
Walby, Shaun
Waldman, Joy

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Kunstenaar John Watson

In college, John Watson discovered Japanese design annuals and became excited by the possibilities of graphic design as an artistic medium. After some traveling, he moved to San Francisco to work professionally as a graphic designer and photographer while exploring fine art processes in his spare time. Projects included pastel drawings and collage, photography, watercolor and ink drawings. In 1995, John sat in a chair for 21 days and created a series of simple ink drawings that became a collection of notecards, invitations and stationery. Success found him managing a small card company with little time left for creative pursuits. Then began the effort to license the drawings and create new designs and photographs for licensing purposes. Today, John continues to make photo collages and weavings, sell limited edition prints, and work as an art director/designer in Oakland, California.

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