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Kunstenaar Wil Lof

Biography: Wilhelmina Lof

Wilhelmina (Wil for short) Lof started to paint in her adolescence.
In 1964 - at an age of 16 - she joined a large Dutch textile printer as an apprentice. For almost twenty years she worked as a leading dessinatrice and coloriste for several textile printers, like Texoprint and Parisign.
Lots of her designs found their way into Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the  South Americas, taking shape as printed fabrics for the fashion industry. In the mean time she attended the Academy for Art and Industry in Enschede, specializing in Graphics and Textile Designs.
Wil Lof is represented by several galleries in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France and Spain. Apart from original paintings featuring figurative as well as abstract motives, some Wil Lof’s are available as reproductions in limited edition as well as unlimited editions.

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