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Wacaster, Linda
Wachtel, Elmer
Wade, Amanda
Wade, Laurel
Wade, Olivia
Wade, Vicki
Wade, Vickie
Wadlington, Sandy
Wagner, Jennifer
Wagner-Harms, Hildegard
Waiksnis, Ronda
Wain, Louis
Wainwright, John
Wainwright, William John
Wakefield, Martha
Walbourn, Ernest
Walby, Shaun
Waldman, Joy

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Kunstenaar Sharon Wilson

"Sharon Wilson was born on a lush Atlantic island in 1964.She travelled to America to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Sciences and, despite her background in illustration, decided early on to pursue the human rather than the clinical aspect of her art.Sharon Wilson became involved in art as a teacher in schools where her pupils became the subjects of her work as well as its audience. She says, ""I paint for my own daughter and for the many children I have taught who hunger to see themselves portrayed positively... laughing, secure, loved and in love with life."" She recalls growing up ""without mirrors which reflected a black child with hope and dreams"" and, in offering affirmative images to today's black youth, she is able to heal her own wounds.Sharon Wilson also portrays the concerns and preoccupations of the common woman and man. Her subjects are the people she knows and in illustrating them she attempts to capture a mood, a flavour and an understanding of their lives. She strives to depict the mood of her subject's environment rather than its exact reproduction. It is only in recent years that landscape has entered her work, as she has become constant in portraying the beauty of her homeland.Sharon Wilson continues to live and work on her beautiful island home. There she has spent many hours assisting troubled youngsters and the elderly in institutions and she is now employed as a resource art teacher."

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